Hi! I’m Burton DeWilde, an end-to-end data scientist with 10+ years’ experience in data product development, web analytics, applied research, and nonprofit consulting. I am passionate about solving meaningful problems using data, and empowering people to make positive change in the world.

Currently, I work as a data science engineer at WeaveGrid, where I build data pipelines and products to more intelligently connect electric vehicles to the energy grid. Previously, I was a data scientist at Chartbeat and Harmony Institute. On the side, I’ve done pro bono data projects with DataKind; I volunteer and web admin for my (former) neighborhood environmental org; and I intermittently develop open-source software such as textacy. Before all that, I was a particle physicist, zombie filmmaker, and LGBT activist.

I live in Burlington, VT with my husband and cats. In my free time, I do photography, make pottery, and play video games.