Hi. I’m Burton DeWilde, an end-to-end data scientist with several years’ experience in web analytics, data product development, media research, and nonprofit consulting. I’m passionate about solving meaningful problems using data, and empowering myself and others to make positive change in the world.

Currently, I’m a Senior Data Scientist at Chartbeat, where I build data pipelines and products to help media publishers understand how audiences engage with their content online. Previously, I was a Data Scientist at Harmony Institute, where I built data pipelines and products to help researchers and creators understand the social impact of narrative media. In both roles, I’ve also dabbled in applied media research, user experience design, and consulting projects.

On the side, I do pro bono work for DataKind, with whom I’ve completed many data projects addressing challenges in conservation, criminal justice, public health, and social services. I also volunteer with my neighborhood environmental org on direct action, data analysis, and tech support. And I do open-source software development: I’m the primary author and maintainer of textacy, which adds natural language processing capabilities before and after a popular package; and I’ve contributed to the dragnet project, which provides data and models for extracting page content from HTML documents without all the cruft.

Before all that, I was a particle physicist, zombie filmmaker, and LGBT activist.

I live in Chicago with my husband and three cats. In my free time, I enjoy photography, board and video games, travel, and politics.